Mackayabella Guest House

Mackaya Bella … feels like home

Hard to believe, but sometimes we’re not so busy. Maybe it’s a quiet weekend or a lull inbetween peak periods or perhaps you like to live life on the edge and leave your booking to the last minute. Never fear – we offer specials here.

Off Peak Weekends

If we’re not full some weekends, we can offer good reductions...
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We’ll only know a few days before if the weekend is not going to be full, so call us on any given Thursday and we can tell you if that weekend can be discounted. (This only applies for 2 x adults sharing a double room)
2 night stay - 20% off
3 night stay - 25% off

Last Minute/Same Day

So you like to take your chances. Well if we have any rooms still open that night.
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We’ll gladly give you 12% off our normal rate. BUT, You need to pay either by cash or debit card.


We understand it’s expensive to bring all the whole family, so...
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Sometimes if we are not busy, we can reduce the rate for your kids, especially if they are under 12.

*The above unfortunately are non commissionable to travel agents or tour operators, are subject to availability and the discretion of the Owners.